History – How We Got It Together?

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Kitamen Shah Alam location

First Arc; A New Beginning at No.7A

On a warm day in May the 20th 2017 , Two adventurers set forth on a journey to unite gaming passions , These two were ;  Riaz “Tears” Shah and Azwan “The Doctor”.

What was once a cold, gloomy and empty lot bearing the number 7A was now in the midst of being transformed into the chalice of hopes and dreams known as Kitamen Shah Alam.

At the time they didn’t envision much.

What they wanted was to open up a functioning outlet for fellow gamers who mutually shared their passion but with no solid plans on growth and absolutely no idea on expansion as they were rather new to the business.

Riaz had a series of long-term ideas to propel this newly born company forward but he couldn’t execute his plans because at the time they were shorthanded and was lacking the manpower to execute Riaz’s ideas atop of the phenomenal cost it would have taken to fork out a huge sum of additional capital in order to allow their progression;

Riaz and azwan

From left: Azwan (ex-owner) and Riaz.

With his initial wish being shelved, Regardless of the the hurdles that await them , Riaz and Azwan continued their quest to conquer the gaming scene with valiant vigor even from day one.

Kitamen Shah Alam, began offering an initial 8 Stations that were packed with what was at the time the latest gaming consoles available ; The PlayStation 4.

A console that was well received with the local gaming community and had everyone excited to come and try out,  Business was running smooth and if they could keep up with the momentum, they were in for a clean success.

Half a year had passed, the initial fanfare and excitement gradually wavered,

The demanding nature of administering a real-life business had bared its fangs entirely,

The heavy load on the two adventurers and the business slowly but surely made the once vibrant abode decline into a sleepy hub lying dormant until which the time came for them to take the opportunity and launch it further.

They needed a breakthrough, A ray of hope.

The both of them had fought with the pressure , They had tried their very best with every method possible to tame the raging dragon of economics, however to no avail , as everything had a beginning, this arc was about to end.

The time came when Azwan left and promptly put his shares up for sale,

Leaving Riaz alone to complete the quest that they had once both started together.


Second Arc ; Rise of the Dynamic-Trio

That ray of hope,  came in the form of a Duo.

In the early mornings of November 2017 not long after Azwan had left the company ,

The shattered Riaz sat alone in his office with notes pasted all around him, each detailing various modes and methods he could take to climb out of the pit he had stumbled into.

Alas a new quest companion who with him brought fresh, new ideas to revive the dormant beast had appeared,  it was the extended arm Riaz had needed to pull himself out.

His name was Ali, an avid gamer who knew the community by heart and one who had pioneered new ways to transform Kitamen’s F1 racing simulator into a staple in their events.

Single-handedly he had managed tournaments by making them more systematic and improving Kitamen’s financial direction.

Noticing the various improvements that Ali had brought to Kitamen Shah Alam ,

Riaz granted him the title as the very first Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Kitamen Shah Alam.

At this point in 2017 , Kitamen slowly had gained its momentum back and under the strong will of Ali and Riaz , they forged ahead with Riaz’s initial wish to cater towards more events for Kitamen Shah Alam.

Business was booming under the new Administration and with the Kitamen brand name being blasted out more often during Riaz’s events,

the customers too began returning to the steps of No.7A, Kitamen Shah Alam.

With the increased footfall and demanding pressures , more staff had to be hired in order to keep the store working like a well oiled machine.

Boboi Ali and Riaz Kitamen Shah Alam owners

From left: Boi, Kuchai (Our regular), Riaz, and Ali.

Day-in and Day-out had the company been through , Three months have passed with great fluidity and a bright outlook.

Neither of them ever saw him coming as the third shareholder as he was a very docile lad who looked rather innocent without any motives of ever taking the helm.

Their assumptions were wrong.

Through what he had personally experienced as store manager, he saw the potential that is Kitamen Shah Alam, numerous times has he proved himself a useful member during events and daily operations by delivering beyond expectation.

Covertly Boi the store manager had been saving up his salary for when the time was ripe to join top administration.

On January 2018, Boi officially bought part of the stake in the company,

With a keen eye towards design and sharp skills with Adobe Illustrator;

Something both Ali and Riaz had noticed from the very beginning;

Boi was granted the befitting title as Chief of Graphics, Media and Design.

A newly established position that promised to strengthen the already dynamic Ali Administration and Level-up Riaz’s now never-ending stream of exciting and fun events.

Everything from Posters to Banners , Photo Edits and Mock-Cheques were under his creative direction.

With Boi now a part of top management , it was possible for graphical work to be professionally and rapidly produced in-house , giving Kitamen Shah Alam yet another edge against their competitors.

Months had followed , and the lists of achievement grew to a point that the Trio of Kitamen Shah Alam were proudly featured in the local mass media.

This marked the birth of the Dynamic-Trio that had successfully resurrected the company; bringing it back to life and this was just the tip of their potential.

For one that was once considered your rudimentary gaming hub , they have evolved their services to cater for eSports on a bigger scale by expanding their reach via;

  • Merchandising
  • Collaborations with universities
  • Electronic Gaming Rental solutions
  • Online leaderboards
  • Youtube Channel
  • Live Streaming Team

To help achieve their goals they have also established and sponsored a PES 2018 team called RoKu which works hand in hand with the Dynamic -Trio during events, further boosting their name as a leader in Esports.

What lies ahead for Kitamen Shah Alam, The Dynamic-Trio and their Quest?



*This story is Fictional but Inspired by true events that had happened in Kitamen Shah Alam, Some parts might have been dramatized for continuation and readability, For any inquiries please Contact Us at Kitamen Shah Alam. Thank You*