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Believe it or not, hosting an eSport tournament at a place with no internet line was not our plan.

Few days before the event, we received a call to setup our equipment at a very odd hour (10.30pm!) and the drive there from Shah Alam, was an adventure of its own.

Kampung roads are always scary at night and when you’re the only car on the road with forests on your left and right what with the myst effect going on, you’d bound to see things.

However surprisingly, we pulled through with the journey as well as the event and with very good feedback too.

Want to know what eSport Kuala Pilah is all about? Get your mood up and read on as we unveil what’s inside.


Let’s Have a Closer Look Into The Negeri Sembilan Esports Scene.

Negeri Sembilan has definitely stepped up their game, especially since the elections are coming.

[Update: The elections ended already, and Tun Dr Mahathir won! Yaay! :D]

Of all the wonderful advancements they have done thus far, the most widely-accepted project would probably be the eSport project where they hope to build a functioning platform for competitive gamers to sharpen their skills and train to become one of the best in the nation.

Here’s what YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woong, Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan 2 has to say…

“Dekat Seremban kita tidak ada satu tempat lagi yang sesuai untuk dibekalkan untuk anak-anak muda kita untuk menceburi bidang eSports. Ramai orang masih melihat gaming ini sebagai sesuatu yang melalaikan tapi hari ini, kami melihat eSport sebagai suatu sukan yang diiktiraf antarabangsa.”

That’s right, words of support from the second Deputy Education Minister of Malaysia.

He hopes to create a platform for Seremban eSport athletes to grow to a higher level as many people still see gaming as a waste of time.

The Youth and Sports Ministry also supports the growing need of an eSport platform and are slowly assimilating to the game culture.

Puan Azura Hj Sarbin, Pengarah Jabatan Belia dan Sukan joined in as well with her words of support…

“Saya melihat eSport ini sebagai sejenis sukan yang memerlukan strategi dan minda yang kuat untuk bertarung. Beza dia dengan sukan yang lain cuma kita tidak berpeluh”

She acknowledged and recognized the game as a mental sport where fast reflexes and tactical strategies are needed to win.

faries faizal kuala pilah esport kwith kitamen

The project manager himself, Muhammad Faries Faizal Bin Shamsul who is the Pengarah Parlimen Belia Negeri Sembilan eSport Tour also join in with positive feedback…

“Baru pertama kali kami buat event sebesar ini di Negeri Sembilan dan sudah pun mencecah 500 orang peserta. Disitu kami boleh melihat yang ramai belia disini sangat minat pada sukan digital. Harapan saya adalah untuk menjadikan Darul Khusus sebagai suatu platform eSport belia-belia kita di Negeri Sembilan.”

After the huge success of eSports tournaments nationwide, many states are starting to accept the huge potential that is eSports itself.

Many states that are strict like Pahang, Perak and Terengganu has opened their arms and hosted massive eSports events which brought their names up and received acceptance and love from many Malaysians.

Things are looking pretty well for the eSports scene for the Nogori people, and we are excited to witness the awesome community bondage and super energetic aura.


32 FIFA Players, 20 Mobile Legends Team.

Nergeri Sembilan eSport Tour Poster

The eSport movement in Negeri Sembilan is currently spearheaded by the Darul Khusus team directed by Faries Faizal.

They planned a tour whereby there are 3 locations of eSport events and each one much bigger than the other.

The first is in Seremban, followed by Kuala Pilah and afterwards, in Rembau – All within the state itself to attract more people to join while promoting the beauty that Negeri Sembilan has to offer.

After this tour ends, the grand finale itself which will be the biggest eSports tournament that Negeri Sembilan has to offer, will be done at Karnival Belia Negaraku which will have a whopping 54 teams for Mobile Legends alone, whoa!

FIFA Tournaments has always been around for years but Mobile Legends (ML) is a very new trend in Malaysian eSports.

If you guys are new to ML, the game is basically like Dota 2 which is a type of Multiplayer Online battle Arena but made compacted to suit mobile phones which is all the rage for youths today as really, we can’t seem to get off our phones much, can we?

mobile legends streaming kitamen shah alam

The game features a team of 5 players fighting against another team so each game has 10 players.

You may choose any character from the selection, ranging from Akai the Panda or even Hayabusa the Ninja Assassin (My favourite) and each of them has their own unique powers which makes the game so very entertaining.

The game itself has been around for a while but only in 2018 does the hype reach our beloved Malaysian eSport community which is why we’re amongst the first to organize these type of mobile tournaments.

As I’m writing this post, I too am sucked into the Mobile Legends abyss and the feeling is addictive.


Final Word

We were very surprised that even in a rural area, people can make amazing events happen.

Although the internet itself was very slow not to mention the hall being super dusty and the game itself suddenly updates itself while playing, we managed to pull it off thanks to the support of the community.

They were all very understanding since it’s the first ever eSport event to have graced the sleepy town of Kuala Pilah and amazingly, some of them even helped with marshaling and crowd control, ensuring the success of the vent.

Thanks for reading and supporting guys, be sure to check out our services page to know more about what we do.