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Ever seen a logistics company do eSports? You’re in for a read.

For this event, I received a call for a site visit one very late afternoon about a mini-electronic games fiesta.

I was hesitant to go as the mood “Tak kena” but somehow, I just had this feeling that this is going to be a whole different experience than the rest of the events we’ve handled.

By the time we got to Swift Haulage, we were amazed with the place – amazingly huge, loads of containers, and wind blowing as though you’re on the beach.

At that moment and time, we just knew that we had to make this event work thus the birth of…


Swift E-Games Mini Fiesta! – The Start of Their Evolution.

Swift E-Games Poster

What better way to win a competition than to host it in your own office?

For this year’s activity, the Swift Recreation Club (Their own internal club, fuhh!), decided to take a leap of faith and tried something new hence, the introduction of Swift E-Games.

It’s their attempt at reliving their team’s morale for them to just… get together and have fun!

They planned a wide array of attractions which includes…

  • Just Dance!
  • FIFA 18
  • Project Cars 2
  • VR World

From outside, their HQ looks plain and simple just like any ordinary logistics building but on the inside, wow I can safely say that they’ve really outdone themselves this time.

It was so happening and lively that there are no border between offices as we can even go in and have a cup of coffee with them and exchange ideas plus, we even get to use their meeting room to turn it into a fun electronic games room!

From a huge board table, we rearranged it and placed an F1 racing cockpit, a Virtual Reality set, and a Just Dance section, all in one room!

It pulled in so much crowd that people line up to try and of course, there has never been a better ice breaking session than playing games with your colleagues.

One of the staff mentioned that while being cooped up in their office during work, they never got to get everyone together for a group activity until they saw the dancing game.

They were so addicted to that game that everyone started laughing and bickering while dancing to the beat.

You should have seen how lively the event was, even our crews got pulled in to dance with them too!

Just beside their meeting room is a huge outdoor hall deigned for sports activities as they have a futsal area, a pool table and an arsenal of gym equipment and we which was transformed into the FIFA tournament area.

We had loads of fun with them and it would be amazing if other companies were to implement these kind of activities as their past time too.

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What is Swift Haulage Exactly? –Time to Get to Know Them.

family photo swift haulage

Ever wondered how big things get transported? They’re famous for that.

Swift Haulage has been around since 2011 and is considered as one of the major powerhouses for logistics in Malaysia.

They keep expanding and improving their services to be the one stop center for everything logistics from specialized transportation to warehousing and even freight forwarding.

We’ve heard a lot about them and we’ve seen many of their trucks all over the nation, especially on big events and banks so getting to host an event for them at their place is truly an honor.

The place is so wide with loads of different types of vehicles and containers specialized for different occasions and we had so much fun hosting their mini e-sport fiesta there at their office.

A very fun bunch of team who when working, focuses very seriously but when they have fun, it’s like you don’t even know them 😀

Since 2011, eSports have been setting foot in Malaysia surely however slowly but still, many people do not still it as a legal and ethical type of activity.

kitamen at swift haulage

I remember my old man saying don’t play games if you want to succeed, study and work and to get to where you need to be.

While all of those are true, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

In fact, studies have shown that taking a break and spending a bit of your time to play any sort of competitive games, will increase your creativity level as you tend to constantly think of new strategies to beat your opponent in order to succeed.

Today, more and more corporate companies are slowly accepting electronic games such as banks and hotels to get more attraction and keep up with trends hence the birth of our mini-fest today.


Final Word

Whoever thought that super corporate companies can be very fun to work with?

You’d be surprised at their professionalism – When it comes to work, they go full force business mode but after hours, they are just as fun as you.

No matter what the background, there is a gamer in everyone which is why I’ll end my writing for today with our tagline… Kitamen – Uniting Passions.

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