After 10 months, we finally decided to start our own website. Yey!

All these months we’ve been relying on Facebook and Instagram for all our activities but after a while, everything became a bit too messy.

Photos were too numerous that we lost track, list of tournaments were all over the place, and of course we got too lazy with playing games that we forgot where all our secret idea files were.

All in all, this is our first post gaiss and more to come with pictures of everyone and updates on events and promos in the near future so read on and stay tuned!


Origin Story – How it All Began.

boboi n family

Our Kitamen team with our beloved kitameniacs!

Well not really a story, but you might be interested in how we got started.

Back then, we began as normal gamers playing all sorts of video game genres like Dota, Fifa and Tekken in cyber cafes, in our homes, and even at CD game shops which let us play by the hour.

One port we usually lepak together was at the bottom floor at Plaza Masalam and oh yeah, FTZ too which was located in Asia Café SS15.

From there, we grew and started to meet other players which tempted us to play with them on an upper scale for a better challenge – Thus born our love for eSports, competitive gaming at its best.

We started getting a bit too involved that we did small challenges with real prizes and a lot more people got interested in joining.

We got excited whenever there’s eSport events happening anywhere and so we joined each and every one of them that we can find on Facebook whether as contestants or as crews, or even both at the same time!

kitamen shah alam office

That’s our office (Signboard to be posted soon!)

All the way until one day, we decided to take one leap of faith into turning our passion into a full time business and so, we opened a Kitamen branch right in the heart of Shah Alam where we live here in Seksyen 7.

As for why we chose Kitamen and not the other gaming brands, well that was because we went way back with the founders  Hazman, Moshi and Syahir when they first got started.

gegaria setia city mall with NAS

With the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Host, Nas!

We covered all Kitamen events there are to know of – Toyota Gazoo Racing, Mercedez Open Day, IJM Land, NICE Expo, MARA Expo, Visual Arts Expo, all the way until today where the latest was Malaysia Cyber Games, Sekijang Cyber Games, and of course, Gegaria.

You name it, chances are we’ve been there.

Even up till today, we are still the only Kitamen branch that handles all those notable events because we enjoy what we do and we love getting new content to share and talk about.

We started our Kitamen Shah Alam outlet by being just a PS4 hub back in May 2017 and from there, we started exhibiting at booths on our own, renting out our PS4 game stations for corporate events, and soon we grew as an eSports tournaments organizer for corporate events.

Most of our players at Kitamen Shah Alam are mainly students from UiTM, MSU, and Unisel but soon after, school students also joined in the ranks and we even got players from as far as Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and MMU Cyberjaya too!

Better yet, some of our tournaments event got contestants all the way from China and Vietnam!

Our events bring us all together and let us meet our fellow Kitameniacs (You guys!), gamers from all walks of life, love you guys!


Kitameniacs – Our Heartbeat and Soul

kitameniac family

Family photo on our First Ever COD tournament <3

Love playing games with Kitamen? Then you’re a Kitameniac!

The purpose of this website is not just for us to market our brand, but to keep memories and portfolios of our time with you guys. We love our community and we grow together as a family.

We would like to thank you for supporting us when we first got started, here’s to more of our journeys togezaa!

If you’d like to stay updated, do subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our promos and upcoming tournaments! Ciow!


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