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When we heard about a huge event happening at Pantheon, we just had to come in.

We love action especially if it’s within our reach and even more so when youths are involved because we’ve been there and we’d love to help.

With so many eSport events happening almost every week, we tend to sometimes miss certain events due to complications like distance, equipment, and of course, the date itself.

However even with our tight schedule, we decided to come down and see how the event goes and to our surprise, we were blown away at how excellently planed the event was (Unlike many “First-timer” events we’ve come across).

Read on as I unveil deeper on how the event unfolds.


What is KL Youth Esport (KLYES) About?

KL YES 2018 poster

The aim is to create an eSports platform for youths.

Held on the 17-18 August 2018, the event ran for 2 days and with so much to prepare, they managed to pull off an amazing work in less than a month.

KL Youth Esports is organized by a group of iron-willed Polytech Mara students who aimed to make this event a platform for university students to participate without feeling nervous and showcase their talents in eSports.

Spearheaded by Project Manager Nabila Rasli from Sem 7 BK201, the entire event was handled by a team of 11 and with precise coordination, they were able to get through all the obstacles with ease.

Since it’s their first event ever outside of university grounds, they wanted to show how serious they are and hosted their event at an external battleground and hence, Pantheon as their official venue.

To test the water, the event featured only 2 types of eSport games – Dota and FIFA 18 because they were hoping to do a bigger one the next year if they get a good response from the event.

To their surprise, the event went full house and many actually requested them to increase their player slot limit but since this was their first run, they decided to keep it simple and stick to the limits.

The event was further graced by VIP from all around Malaysia supporting, including the district YB Najwan Halimi and also representatives from the KBS.


RM7600 Prize Pool, 2 Games.

KL Youth eSports Prize Pool

Since it’s their first big event, they decided to choose one PC game and one console game.

They couldn’t have chosen a better spot for the FIFA 18 and Dota 2 tournaments because the Pantheon is famous for their high tech gaming gear by the top gaming companies like Acer and Alienware.

The event created a big impact on students all over the nation because seeing how it was organized by students, they can see that everything is possible and slots were full in less than a week’s time.

Bracket qualifier

The prize-giving ceremony itself was held at the amazing battle area platform like that in the huge eSport expos overseas.

Qualifiers were first made at Orange for Dota and for FIFA, the qualifiers were online.

Due to the huge success of the event, they planned to do the event again next year organized by the eSports club in KPTM themselves.


A bit About KPTM

bby its kptm concept art yo

If you have heard of MARA, then KPTM is their huge education hand.

Back then, it was first known as Kolej Yayasan Pelajaran Mara (KYPM) which aims at giving Bumiputeras a fighting chance for affordable education.

They soon merged that with Akademi Infotech MARA (AIM) to give birth Kolej Poly-tech Mara (KPTM) to cater for more people and a serve a larger cause.

They started small but as of 2018, they already have 9 branches all over Malaysia and almost 18,000 students catered.

Their education system is not bad too because since they are a private-based institution, they have to fight their way against many other private unis so they decided to partner up with Dublin International School (DBS) to give their students a better educational experience.


Final Word

We love seeing students rising up in the world of eSports and for this event, they have far exceeded our expectations.

I remember back then when I was in their place with huge goals but no way on how to achieve them but with the successful execution of KLYES 2018, these group of college students proved that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

It may seem impossible and the journey may be hard at first to see but once you start getting into it, wonderful people (Like me) will appear along the way to make your dreams come to life.

If you’re interested in eSports, check out our services here for more info.


Olonisakin Kehinde · November 4, 2018 at 11:55 am

OMG……. this is absolutely incredible.  And this what I call youthful and Useful. This is one area youth needs to be actively involved because it rather give a sense of responsibility and engagement than just being idle.  Believe you me FIFA 18 is my favourite and I wish I was there.  This idea is one that needs a global support and publicity. I bet you if this turn out to be a global event it’s going to be awesome. 

Good thinking by the organisers I really wish I meet them.  esport is a good platform for youths to express themselves without a sense on nervousness,  intimidation,  fear or bully.  It gives you the right type of confidence and self belief. 

    Riaz Shah · November 4, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    From afar, I thought you were Bruno Mars. Thanks Olonisakin, I’m guessing it would eventually be a global event within these few years, hope we can compete!

Josh · November 4, 2018 at 10:39 am

I grew up when video games were becoming a common household item.  The early days of NES and Sega Master System…the days I learned that plumbers can be super heroes.  I think it is amazing that video games have gone from being a child’s toy to a way for people to interact across the world and form a viable career from their ability to play these games.  I am a big advocate for the advancement of video games with one reservation.  Real education must be a priority also.  It is interesting that your site is bringing light to an education system that is trying to better a generation and make time for a potentially lucrative career in video games.  Keep updating on the progress KL Youth Esport!  I’d love to know that this program continues to be successful.

    Riaz Shah · November 4, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Glad you liked the event Josh! Will do!

ADEBAYO IYIADE · November 4, 2018 at 10:37 am

This is an excellent and informative article that educate me more.Im in fact impressed considering RM7600 Prize Pool, 2 Games.my tiny kid adoration playing game especially sports. and i can see your Review about this particular might see entire quantity happening for him.but, he always astonishment playing it behind mum.thus, objective it can be multiplayed?if consequently, subsequently we save a concord here.Reading your article manage to pay for high desirability of belonging and i am learn from this post. Thank you hence much.

    Riaz Shah · November 4, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Struggling to understand what you just said but thanks anyway!

Chris Chong · September 23, 2018 at 7:27 am

Hey riaz!

Stumbled across your site via your Wealthy Affiliate profile. You have a really DOPE site.

The niche, the service your entire team provide, and your WordPress theme (hestia by themeisle). Love everything about the whole site!

I used to be a casual gamer too (kinda hardcore back in my high school & early college days). Retired from the gaming world for quite a while.

My passion now has converted into making money online, affiliate marketing, creating personal assets ?

Meanwhile, keep it up for the great project you guys are building on!


    Riaz Shah · September 23, 2018 at 8:17 am

    Thanks Chris!
    This site’s still just a few months old but so glad you liked it already! Would be great to catch up with you, do drop by if you happen to be around Shah Alam, I’ll show you around.

Bibian · September 16, 2018 at 9:35 am

Nice Review dear!
I’m really impressed with ‘RM7600 Prize Pool, 2 Games’.
my little kid love playing game especially sports. and i can see your Review about this particular might look perfect for him.
but, he always love playing it with mum.
so, hope it can be multiplayed?
if so, then we keep a deal here.

thanks dear for this!

    Riaz Shah · September 16, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Hey Bibian!

    Yes! Multiplayer is definitely applicable but it depends on the type of tournament – For example, there is a Singles tournament for FIFA 18 which requires one player only, however the Doubles version would allow you to play with a team mate. Some games like Dota requires 5 people to play which is all the fun as you can play with a lot more people.

    Great to know that your kid loves playing games! If he’s really good at it, maybe you could support him to train professionally so he can join tournaments, it would be a great bonding time trust me 😀

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